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(posted on 19 Sep 2023)

Art Inspiration: As an artist, I spend much of my time in the studio creating, and out in nature taking in the beauty of my surroundings. I was fortunate to be in Europe during the summer and was so inspired by the amazing art and architecture in Italy, the seaside villages, and the rolling hills. And breathing in the beauty of the mountains in Switzerland feeds my heart and soul. Although most of my work is abstract, the joy and enthusiasm I experience in nature, exploring the city, traveling near and afar, and listening to music is expressed in my work.

Some days I feel more inspired than others. No matter what, I simply begin, let go of any preconceived ideas, explore, and let myself be curious. As I tune in and let go, and work through the layers of a painting, it begins to unfold. In the process of spontaneity and discernment, I allow my best authentic work to emerge. Sometimes it takes awhile; other times, it happens more quickly. Working on several pieces at a time helps in the process as one painting informs the other.


Art Exhibitions: It’s a great feeling to participate in art shows and get my work out there for others to enjoy. It’s also a wonderful way to feel part of a community of artists and art appreciators all over the world.

Nature’s Inspiration

This abstract painting was inspired by my walks along the water and through the neighborhood and parks, taking in the beauty of the colourful gardens. It was juried into the current Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) Abstract Exhibition. Exhibition dates: September 19 – October 1, 2023


A Light-filled Day

This painting was juried into the recent FCA’s Vancouver Salon Exhibition, September 5-17, 2023.

It was inspired by my love of nature, seeing how the light changes as the day moves on, and the feeling of peace, joy, and expansion on my walks along the water.


The Dance of Letting Go

This painting was juried into the upcoming Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) Limitless Online Exhibition. Exhibition dates: September 25 – October 8.

When I paint, I feel the rhythm and flow of tuning in and letting go. And, I love to dance. This abstract painting expresses the joy, movement, and energy of that experience.


Some New Artwork

‘Cherish the Moments’ came together in stages when I allowed myself to let go, be in the moment, and let it happen. ‘Light in the Garden’ is an abstract expression of the joy I experience in a beautiful garden with the light shining through.

       Cherish the Moments                                 Light in the Garden


The 'Healing Power of Elements 2023' Exhibition

I'm very happy that my painting ‘The Joy of Intricate Flow' (below) was selected to be in 'The Healing Power of Elements 2023' online exhibition that runs September 4 to November 4 on The Healing Power of Art & Artists website https://www.healing-power-of-art.org/the-healing-power-of-elements-exhibition/

The Healing Power of Art and Artists organization is a global community of Artists & Advocates. It's an initiative of Manhattan Arts International, NYC, NY.

Enjoy the wonderful and inspiring variety of art in this exhibition!

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