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(posted on 18 Dec 2022)

It’s been a good year with being the Artist in Residence at the Coast Hotel during the month of April, having my paintings in exhibitions in Vancouver and Victoria, and connecting with art collectors and artist friends.

Thought I’d share with you a recent piece I just finished entitled: ‘Happy Exploring’

This painting has been calling me…I thought it was finished and yet I wasn’t happy with it. Then I dove in, let go, tuned in, and let it speak to me. The message was: ‘it’s worth exploring’.

When we dare to explore, move forward, and embrace life, we open ourselves to hidden treasures that come to the surface. Sometimes it’s something we have to let go of in order to grow and expand; sometimes it’s something we have to open up to and receive.

I am so thankful for my daily art practice and for my creative spirit. It keeps things flowing, and helps me to get in touch with my inner knowing.


Small Treasures’

For a selection of small pieces of artwork ranging in size from 8” x 8” to 11” x 14”, take a look on my website in mySmall Works’ Gallery. They make great gifts for others, and for yourself any time of the year.


If you have any questions, and/or are interested in purchasing any of my artwork, please contact me through my website or send me a DM on Instagram: @heathermacneilart

Thank you for your support, for taking the time to ‘explore’ my website, and for reading my newsletter/blog. Painting brings me joy, and I hope my artwork brings you joy as well.

All the very best this holiday season, and for happiness and good health in the new year!

Peace and joy to all,


(posted on 27 Oct 2022)

After a beautiful, warm, sunny summer, Fall has arrived! As I continue to go on walks to the water...rain or shine, wind or light breeze...I am always inspired by nature. Although I currently am focusing on abstract compositions, I bring the energy and joy I experience in nature into my artwork.

My painting ‘The Journey’ was juried into the FCA Victoria Chapter Fall Exhibition ‘Shadow and Light’ at the Fortune Gallery, 537 Fisgard Street in downtown Victoria, November 1–12. The opening reception is Tuesday, November 1st, 6:30-8 pm. If you’re in the area, stop by to enjoy the wonderful array of art. You can also view the exhibition online at https://federationgallery.com during the exhibition dates. The gallery hours are 12-5 pm Tuesday – Sunday, closed on Mondays.

This abstract painting has taken me on a journey of discovery as I worked through the layers, and let the composition evolve. The interplay of light, shadow, shape, and movement come together to express depth and harmony.


Below are some new small pieces I've been working on. Enjoy the warm and vibrant colours! I'll be posting them on my website soon...stay tuned!

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Happy creating in whatever way inspires you!

Best, Heather




(posted on 14 Jun 2022)

I am happy to be participating in several upcoming art exhibitions through the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) https://artists.ca


My painting entitled ‘Vibrant Dance’ will be on display in the FCA Victoria Exhibition ‘Fresh Start’ at the Fortune Gallery at 537 Fisgard Street in Victoria June 21-July 2. The opening reception is Tuesday, June 21, 6:30-8 pm. You can also view the exhibition online at https://federationgallery.com during the exhibition dates. The gallery hours are 12-5 pm Tuesday – Sunday, closed on Mondays

This abstract painting expresses the vitality of new growth through the interplay of vibrant colours, movement, and gestural marks.


Another painting entitled ‘It’s a wrap’ was accepted into the FCA ‘On the Edge’ Online Exhibition, June 27-July 17. Paintings will also be on display in the FCA gallery on Granville Island in Vancouver. To see the online exhibition, click on https://federationgallery.com during these dates.

'On the Edge' is the Federation's annual challenge for artists to test their limits and push their creative boundaries.

My painting 'It's a wrap' was inspired by the colourful mess of torn up wrapping paper. Although I enjoy working spontaneously, I felt I needed to ‘tidy this piece up’, however I heard the inner voice tell me to stop, ‘it’s a wrap’, and it reminded me that sometimes we push our boundaries by simply letting go and letting it happen.


‘Keep Dancing’ has been accepted into the FCA Abstracted Exhibition in Vancouver August 15 – 28. It can also be seen online at https://federationgallery.com during the exhibition dates.

Through colours, shapes, and lines, this painting expresses movement and flow. As this painting was coming together, it reminded me to ‘keep dancing’ with the rhythm of life. As someone who enjoys music and dancing, I often incorporate movement and rhythm in my work. Whether it is dancing, walking, exercising, Qigong, Tai Chi, I find that movement and connecting to my creativity balances the energy, and keeps it flowing.

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(posted on 15 May 2022)

Welcome to my first blog! I recently upleveled my website and decided it’s time to write my first blog to share some of my experiences with you.

Recently, I had the opportunity to be the Artist in Residence at the Coast Victoria Hotel during the month of April. It was a wonderful opportunity to display 46 of my paintings in the hotel lobby and in the Blue Crab restaurant. I love sharing my artwork with others, and making new connections.

Included in the display was a grouping of matted acrylic and gouache paintings with the series title ‘Expanding Joy’. During the challenges of the last couple of years, my art has helped me to keep the energy flowing and to be in the present moment. Day by day, moment by moment, the journey continues. I am so grateful for my creative spirit. I believe in the healing power of art both for the artist and for the viewer.

Although I love working on medium to large canvases, I also enjoy the freedom of exploring and experimenting with new techniques on paper and will be adding to my ‘Expanding Joy’ series.

Currently, I have several paintings at Central Art Studio & Gallery at the Bay Centre in downtown Victoria. There's a wonderful array of art there to enjoy if you're in the area or you can check it out online.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. It is my hope that my art inspires others!

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