Heather MacNeil - Visual Artist
acrylic paintings

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I enjoyed seeing your paintings recently at the Coast Hotel, Cook Street Village Activity Centre and at the Peter Van Giesen Central Gallery at the Bay Centre in Victoria. It is so nice to have creativity bring a smile to my face especially in these troubled times. Keep up the inspiring work.
Ross Grant - 9 May 2022
Love the use of colour in your art Heather. Just saw in the ArtSites news that we will both be showing in the upcoming Acrlics show at the FCA.
Linda Bell - 15 Sep 2017
hi Heather, I love your new piece that is being showcased on the artiSites website. Congrats on the FCA Abstract show!! Nathalie
nathalie delesalle - 5 Mar 2016
What a great website, Heather. Your energy shines though! Thank you again for the email. I'll check back soon. Judy
Judy Gauthier - 13 Jan 2013
Dear Heather, Congratulations to your great website. I love your paintings and the vibrant colors. It makes my heart dance:) Much love, Marlise
Marlise Witschi - 19 Aug 2011
Hi Heather...lovely work! Sorry it took so long to contact you ! Your paintings are wonderful and I love the colors and the designs !
Virginia Hutzuliak ( formerly Blair ) - 19 Jun 2011
Heather your abstract is beautiful especially the vibrant colours and designs. Lovely paintings.Good job.
Imelda Baterina - 26 May 2011
Beautiful and very interesting pieces, Heather. I particularly like your abstracts. Wonderful art.
Rebecca Tunnacliffe - 16 May 2011
I really like the new work especially (naturally) the landscapes. I'm happy to see you are blossoming in your new environment. Would love to visit the studio if I ever get over to Vancouver. Meanwhile, keep up the good work!
Maureen Garbarino - 14 May 2011
I want to fill up my entire house with your paintings. The vibrant spirit and colours in your pieces absolutely touch my heart and my soul becomes so elated. Freedom and joy mix with your magical touch and talent. I bathe in their beauty and unique creativity. I feel ecstacy when I breathe in your work. Can't wait to see the gallery !!!!!!! Love Mano
Mano McNabb - 11 May 2011
beautiful site Heather..such movement, flow in your work and yummy colours!
Sharon Hoyland - 11 May 2011
I love the site and the paintings... wowee... such beautiful vibrant colours and designs. So happy that all is going well and look forward to visiting in person one of these days. Keep up the good work - it's awesome!
Carol Craig - 10 May 2011
Fabulous site Heather. I absolutely love your paintings!
Peggy Acomba - 10 May 2011
Your path is colour! (Such a feast for the eyes!) keep dancing with brush in hand... Zep
Zeporah Horodezky - 10 May 2011
Hi Heather, love your work--talk about bright and bold! Ciao for now, Jay
Jay - 10 May 2011
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