Heather MacNeil - Visual Artist
acrylic paintings
3 Jun 2024 - 26 Jun 2024 Goward House June 2024 Exhibition 'Interconnection' Category: Show/Exhibit Event Website: https://gowardhouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/June-Gazette-2024.pdf Venue: Goward House, Arbutus Road, Victoria, BC, Canada Reception: 2 Jun 2024
'Interconnection' is a duo art show with myself, Heather MacNeil and Elizabeth Pulker. As artists, we connect with our art, with other artists, and with the viewer.

If you have the opportunity to drop by Goward House weekdays, 9:30 am - 2:30 pm, enjoy the variety of art. Elizabeth and myself were very happy with how our paintings complemented each other in this lovely venue.

For more information on Goward House, please visit their website at https://gowardhouse.com Goward House is located at 2495 Arbutus Rd., in Cadboro Bay, in Victoria, BC

If you have any questions about my art, please contact me at info@heathermacneil.com. I would also be very happy to meet with you at Goward House during those weekday times. The exhibition is on until June 26, 2024.